Warning signs for drug and alcohol abuse in children

Warning signs for drug and alcohol abuse in children

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The Parenting With Dignity® program is a Parent - Education organization.  Our existence is built around teaching the concepts presented in the course titled "Parenting with Dignity" as outlined in our main web-site.

PWD is a whole lot more than just parenting books and videos. The Parenting With Dignity program provides a demonstrated framework for raising kids in a time when external pressures have never been greater.  You can learn how to develop a happy home with open lines of communication managed by parents who demonstrate a sense of calm in their relationships with their children, and who remain in control - in an out of control world.

A Message from PWD's creator

Mac Bledsoe, President and FounderOur Foundation has experienced a number of changes since its inception in May 1996.  Yet, the mission and the unshaken commitment to the children of America have not changed. My wife Barbara and I have spent much of our adult life sharing their vision of parenthood with countless groups of parents throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

Now, as a direct result of the generosity and vision of our son Drew Bledsoe the Parenting With Dignity curriculum, is now available to anyone. The dream we share is that The Parenting With Dignity program serve as an invaluable resource to all people who desire a world in which respect for others, and especially children, is a way of life.

I hope that you will become part of making this dream a reality. Please consider becoming an agent for change; order a set of DVDs, hold parenting classes in your community; and donate to the foundation. Together we can change the world.

Mac Bledsoe, Founder and President
Mac Bledsoe       

Warning Signs is a subset of the Drew Bledsoe Foundation's parenting curriculum entitled Parenting With Dignity. PWD is a resource where parents learn new, essential parenting skills and gives them the tools necessary to create an encouraging, and loving home for their children.



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Parenting with Dignity® Books teach parents how to instill a sense of responsible decision making in their kids.
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Parenting With Dignity encourages parents and caregivers to rethink their approach to discipline, punishment and empowerment

"Our children will make all of the most important decisions in their lives - on their own. The only thing we can do as parents is teach them how to make good decisions."

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Warning signs for drug and alcohol abuse in children

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