Warning signs for drug and alcohol abuse in children


Stopping School Violence and Bullying15% of students are being bullied on a daily basis

160,000 kids miss school everyday due to bullying

Half of all students report being bullied at some time

Examples of bullying include, but are not limited to teasing, ridiculing, threats, stealing and even beatings by one or more kids usually focusing on a single person. However, bullying can also be circuitous by causing a child to be isolated from their peers.  As an example, girls who bully often use devious tactics such as spreading rumors or engaging in group isolation, while boys tend to apply direct bullying practices.  Regardless of the method or the reason for doing so, bullying is intimidating and abusive.

Warning signs for drug and alcohol abuse in children

Bullying Resource Recommendations

Free From Bullies is a new ebook by Robyn Collins and Wendy Nichols, we will show you the exact steps you need to take to eliminate bullying from your child’s life. And the steps are explained in a simple, easy-to-follow format.

Have you ever wondered why your attempts to get help from the school or club have failed? Bullying is a difficult issue and some teachers and leaders do not have the confidence to deal with it. We’ll show you the steps you need to take.


Stopping School Violence - Immediately learn skills to keep your child safe from bullying and school violence.  The Shameful Epidemic - How to protect your child from bullies and school violence, an information e-book for all parents and schools. Brought to you by Parent Smart from the Heart. The solutions to school violence and bullying are presented with numerous suggestions since each family and school is different.  More info...

Warning signs for drug and alcohol abuse in children


Warning signs for drug and alcohol abuse in children

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