Warning signs for drug and alcohol abuse in children

Warning signs for drug and alcohol abuse in children


Unfortunately for Hormel Foods Corp., the much-maligned luncheon meat SPAM, has become a homonym for electronic junk mail. In the context of the Internet,

spam is...
Unsolicited You didn't request it, or subscribe to a service.
Illegal Most commercial ISPs do not permit their mailservers to send bulk e-mail. Many spammers will use mailservers from foreign countries, but fake the e-mail header to appear that it is coming from a reputable source (i.e. Yahoo! or IBM, etc.)
Un-returnable Replying to spam e-mails is the WRONG thing to do. Usually, you will receive a message stating there is no such address, but most often, you confirm to the spammer that your e-mail address is valid.
Un-subscribable Even if a reply to address or a link is offered, the goal is to verify that your email address is good. Then your name can be sold to other spammers.

Never  REPLY... REPORT spam

Never respond to e-mail spam. Do NOT reply with the word "remove. Never!  And, never sign up with a site that says they will remove your name from spam lists.

If you receive spam from an address such as "get-rich-quick" or "porno_something", forward the message (include the message header) to "abuse@_____.___". Yahoo! or IBM may or may not list the address as active, but if they do, they will usually shut it down immediately. Most ISPs and companies have no tolerance for abuse.

* SPAM is a registered trademark of Hormel Foods Corporation


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Warning signs for drug and alcohol abuse in children

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